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Who’s in your squad?

If your squad and my squad went up against each other, who would win?

My bets are on my squad ūüôā

If you’re new to LipSense, here’s the deal. ¬†Color of your choice, topped with the moisturizing gloss accompanied by the secret weapon remover make a great team. ¬†It’s hard to beat, seriously.

Picture this; 1 lip color worn every day lasting 4-6 months. ¬†How about 2 lip colors worn interchangeably and layered together worn every day lasting 8+ months. ¬†Sounds too good to be true, right? ¬†Well, it’s not.

LipSense is a patented 2-part system. ¬†The long-lasting lip color which is applied in 3 very thin layers is a cosmetic grade alcohol base. This formula is ideal, as the color pigments are suspended and when you apply the layer as the alcohol evaporates the color pigment is what’s left behind, bonding to your lip directly. ¬†The reason you apply in 3 layers is why it lasts for so long. ¬†Layer 1 is bonded to your lip and reacts with the ph in your skin. ¬†The 3rd layer on top reacts to environmental factors, this leaves that 2nd layer sandwiched in the middle protected from both aspects and lasting all day. ¬†After your lip color is applied, you top with the patented moisturizing lip gloss, effectively sealing in the color and providing hydration. ¬†If you happen to make a mistake during application, the lip color remover fixes them effortlessly.

Now tell me, how do you think my squad would match up to yours?