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Why LipSense?

Well isn’t that a loaded question! Why Lipsense. Well, it’s simple really, because it made me feel good. Let me take a step back…

I don’t actually know a lot about make-up and application. Shocking right, I’ll explain. Growing up, I never felt very comfortable wearing a lot of make-up, especially lipstick. Have you seen that picture floating around on the web that compares Anne Hathaway in red lipstick being how you think you look and Heath Ledger as The Joker being how you actually look? Well, it was the opposite for me. I felt like I looked clownish wearing a vibrant color like that, when it wasn’t actually that bad.

As I got older I’d go through phases of wanting to be able to wear lipstick. So I’d gear up, dust off my credit card, and buy a TON of new products. Not just lipsticks but eyeshadows, mascara, liners, foundations, the whole shebang. Guess how long it usually lasted? For the lipstick, a couple of days, maybe a week. I’d get all happy and have fun playing with it all, but the first time that would come up where I was going out in public, be it a weekend outing or a workday, I would start to feel self-conscious. Was my lipstick on my teeth? It’s an awful bright color, does it look OK on me? There’s so much of it on my coffee cup, has it smeared all over my face or is it half gone already?  It was endless. Then I found LipSense.

From day 1, it was different. Because this product stays put, it wasn’t all over my cups or my fingers. I stopped worrying. I stopped feeling so self-conscious about how it looked to other people. I started to feel good about the way I looked. I was able to start out slowly and gradually advance to bolder brighter colors. And I still felt good.  So good in fact, that I fell in love with the product and signed up to sell it. Me. The person who had next to no experience with make-up, and now I’m selling it.

The rest is history.

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